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Vedic Astrology Reading

1 hour Natal Chart illumination

  • 1 h
  • 127 US dollars
  • Location 1

Service Description

Astrology can be used to examine all domains of life, reflecting the universe itself. From it, we can learn about our health, our wealth, career and relationships, our material, mental, and spiritual manifestation. It shows the entire structure of energies through which we must act in life. Astrology should be part of Yoga, the science of the spirit. It’s purpose is guide us beyond the net of these outer forces to their source, this source is what we really are, when our minds are free of the bias of the separate self. The planets show the energies that we need to master in order to calm our minds. All the lower indications of the planets are simply the higher powers struggling in a state of limitation. Understanding Astrology, our consciousness can soar through the planets and the stars to the central Sun of Truth in the inner heart of all. All worlds, planets, stars and galaxies and whatever else lies beyond them are a manifestation of the 7 rays of creation. These same rays of creation are the lights of our own soul. All nature is nothing but various combinations of the causal astral light on different levels. Our solar system is designed to manifest these creative energies in their dual power as the sun and the moon and in their 5 fold diversification as the 5 major planets of Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn. Each planet represents a particular kind of yoga. The planets are different gifts of light to guide us back to our spiritual home. In this return root, the energies gradually come together. Different souls fall under different rays belonging to different planets. They are working for the development of the creative ray belonging to that planet. Different countries races and religions also fall under different planetary rays. We are all parts of the play of the Gods, which is a play of the planets. Inwardly we are the masters of this play, its guiding intelligence. All the intelligence inherent in the stars produce by eons of cosmic evolution is present within us as our own natural intuition and spontaneous insight. In our material world, like the Earth, where limitations and ignorance are greatest, we face the greatest challenge and yet the truth can reveal its most powerful force by the way of contrast and the greatest inner growth can occur”.

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