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Yoga for ALL the athletes! I'll admit to being a bit nervous about teaching high school football pla


Using both life and practice as a source of inspiration and healing, Sarah offers public classes that meet each student where they are. 
Tuesday - Elemental Flow at Sage Yoga, 10am
Wednesday - Slow Flow & Meditation at Studio Y, 9:15am
Thursday - All Levels Vinyasa at Sage Yoga, 10am
Sunday - Slow Flow at Studio Y, 10:15am
Sunday - Yoga Nidra at Studio Y, 11:15am



Private instruction allows the student to receive one on one attention to tailor the class to their specific needs. People choose private instruction for many reasons: deepen their meditation practice, build confidence to attend group classes, delve into yoga philosophy, recover body awareness after injury, learn to modify postures, some even come to improve their golf swing. Whatever your motivation, Sarah is there to help guide and support you. To book a session or a consult please click here.

8 months prego = good body pillow


Sarah is a certified birth doula and breastfeeding counselor who is passionate about empowering woman’s sexuality, healing, and re-writing of the birth story. She merges her experience of yoga, meditation, the births of her own daughters, and her various trainings to support women through pregnancy, birth, and beyond.  The experiences of birth have the potential to be deeply healing and empowering when a mother is aware and supported. Sarah believes that this return to reverence and awareness of birth is crucial to not only mothers' health but also the babies.
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Sarah leads and hosts a variety of retreats in Ohio and West Virginia honing her expertise in women's health and yoga. Whether you attend a pelvic floor health workshop or a mala and mantra retreat you are guaranteed to leave feeling nourished and supported by the natural community circle that has held us through the ages.



There are rites of passage throughout life that are celebrated and others that have been tucked away. The undeniable fulfillment that follows time spent around a fire with close friends and shared knowledge lifts us. Sarah believes that everyone should be celebrated and uplifted during times of change in their life. The emergence of the new mother, life & career pursuits, graduations, weddings, and birthdays - they are all celebrated in our culture but now always in a way that supports the human and imparts a sense of confidence and a village to rely on. By returning to our circles with intention, tradition, and ceremony we not only nourish our own hearts but the hearts of the community. To learn more please contact us.

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